Our wines are obtained from grapes originating from a rigorous organic farming, harvested by hand and vinified in purity. To exalt the organoleptic qualities to the maximum, through careful pruning and thanks to a soil particularly dedicated to quality viticulture, the grape yield per hectare is deliberately limited to 100/120 quintals, compared to the 210 usually expected.

Our primary objective is to obtain excellent grapes and to intervene as little as possible in the winemaking process so that they can give their maximum varietal qualities. First and foremost, good wine is made in the vineyard.

Lambrusco di Sorbara DOC

Denominazione di Origine Controllata

Magnum and Baby Magnum are obtained from Lambrusco di Sorbara grapes, vinified in purity according to the Methode Ancestrale, a traditional wine technique fermenting the wine exclusively in the bottle. The wine, aged on lees, produces a sediment that guarantees the genuineness of the winemaking process. 

Magnum - 1,5L
Baby Magnum - 0,75L

Rifermentato in bottiglia.

Organic Wine
Organic product


Our primary goal is quality, which we seek to maximise during every step of the production from the pruning to the bottling. Wines in Magnum sized bottles are, due to their size and amount of oxygen, quite simply better.

The capacity of a Magnum is double that of a standard bottle thus the ratio of oxygen to wine is halved. The result? A wine in a Magnum reaches maturity slower, evolves in a more stable and protected fashion, whilst being more resistant to variations in temperature, but above all the sensorial characteristics are enhanced.

Wine connoisseurs prefer a Magnum as they look for freshness, greater finesse and increased complexity of flavours, than those granted by standard bottles. For these reasons we have chosen to develop the production in this superior format and the name of the wine arises as a logical consequence…because

In Magnum stat virtus.

Pignoletto Modena DOC

Denominazione di Origine Controllata

The Pignoletto Doc is obtained from Pignoletto grapes vinified in purity according to the Charmat Method, a winemaking technique meant for enhance the fruity aromas and characteristic primary flavors of this vineyard.

Il Pignoletto DOC - 0,75L

Organic product
Organic product

Organic farming
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