Prehistory in the vineyard, future in the cellar. Organic Farming


bios "life"

logos "word, understanding"

The term "organic" derives from the Greek bios (life) and logos (word, understanding) 
which, coupled, give rise to a word meaning "respect for life".

Organic farming is an agricultural and breeding system that relies entirely on fertilizers of organic origin, thus excluding, unlike traditional farming, the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.


The objective of an organic farm is to create a real ecosystem, thus enhancing the non-productive component (hedges, woods, grassing/seeding and nectar plants) to support and encourage the development of a concrete biodiversity and in particular of beneficial insects, undisputed key players of the organic system and natural nemesis of parasites.

Our vineyards have always been cultivated according to these principles and their protocols and our wines are produced in full respect of the natural procedures, using the most modern technologies.

Prehistory in the vineyard, future in the cellar.

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