Tenuta i Monti, formerly Castel Crescente in 1333 The History of The Podere

Our Story

The story of this farm with the high-sounding name Castel Crescente called "I Monti" by all is as simple as it is extraordinary.

In the ancient bed of the Panaro River stands a plot of land of about 16 hectares that is still divided into "centurie," or square fields divided into multiples of one hundred meters, a system used in ancient times by the Romans (44° 44' 30.97" N 11° 06' 23.75" E); perhaps not everyone knows that the plots have been divided into rectangular shapes for centuries.

Up to this point there would be little that would be extraordinary if it were not for the fact that, at the corners of the square, four knolls rise in the very flat surrounding landscape that are what miraculously remains of a very ancient Roman camp. They are formed from the spoil of a ditch about 20 meters wide and 6 meters deep dug to defend the encampment on top of which sentries stood guard.

Since 1200

This farm is described with certain bibliography from 1200 even before the birth of the town of Ravarino and belonged to the most important families in the area

The Duke of Modena reserved ownership when he gave the noble Rangoni family, for merits achieved in battle, all the surrounding land, why? The answer is simple, because on what in today's wine jargon is called terroir, the characteristics of the land are completely different from the surrounding terrain in that they come from a much lower geological layer.
My father bought this property in the year 2010 simply because it was beautiful and unique in the area, only later did he discover these characteristics by reading its history admirably described by a local historian, Maestro Lodi, whom I want to thank here, and thus decided to plant the vineyard.

When, still a young student, I learned about all this, I decided that I would become a viticulturist and winemaker.
As always, history teaches.

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