Ancestral Method

The term "ancestral" in general implies 
from ones ancestors.
"Ancestrale" in our case, refers to the traditional means
by which sparkling wines are produced in Emilia.

A collection 
still made by hand

To enhance the organoleptic qualities to the maximum, through careful pruning and thanks to a land particularly suited to quality viticulture, the grape yields per hectare are deliberately limited to 100/120 quintals, compared to 210 quintals.


In order to preserve the yeasts, the structure, as well as the sensory characteristics of the wine, this is carried out uniquely through the technique of racking.

Bottling and re-fermentation

Bottling takes place in March, after the wine as spent approximately six months ageing in stainless steel tanks, under controlled temperatures. As bottling occurs simultaneously with the first warmth of spring, the yeasts are reactivated, which in turn trigger a second fermentation in the residual sugars. Thus an additional dose of alcohol as well as carbon dioxide is produced in the bottle, which it will give rise to the myriad of marvellous bubbles one expects from a sparkling wine. When the re-fermentation concludes, any yeast residues are deposited on the bottom of the bottle. A slight cloudiness found in the last glasses poured from the bottle are an essential characteristic of this "Metodo Ancestrale".
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